I'm Bobbie. This is my digital notebook. This is a place to capture my notes, experiment with ideas, document my learnings, and bake my half-baked thoughts. All of the notes here are primarily for me. I'm sharing it publically as a way to work with the garage door open and maybe attract likeminded friends. ## Work & Making I work as a product designer at [CallPotential](https://www.callpotential.com). We design and build software for self-storage operators. I'm on a mission to write 1 million words for [[☆ the notes app project]]. It's an experiment to help me explore my interests, cultivate my tastes, and infuse more of what I love into my work and everyday life. I write about the things I learn through travel at [[☆ travel writings]]. ## Recent Posts - [[0014. walking through grief]] - [[0013. on personal documentation and the case for custom software]] * [[spirit of the flâneur]] * [[0012. of two places]] - [[2022 Review]] * [[0011. on singing your heart out]] * [[we fell in love in san diego...]] * [[0010. my manhattan]] - [[gulf living, florida feels]] ## Learning Currently experimenting with data via [DataCamp]([https://www.datacamp.com](https://www.datacamp.com/). ## Exploring - here lies love - my year of musical theatre - planning a wedding - the impressions we leave on people (the memorial) - having fun w data - the inca trail - reading about love - religion and technology, how humans have made technology our religion - religions and religious narratives in general. the stories we tell ourselves about how the world was created, our morality, why humans behave the way we do, where we go when we die - edm/rave culture - magical realism - greek mythology <iframe src="https://bobbieysabel.ck.page/ac23e32e16" style="width: 100%; height: 700px; border: none; overflow: hidden;"></iframe> ---- Created: July 27, 2021 Last Modified: November 30, 2023